Internet Domains is on a mission to help business make their mark

With the right foundation, any business that has the proper presence online can make a mark and a dent in the market place. It’s a free and open market, in most areas, and by taking advantage of growing a business means you’re either giving attention to a local or global initiative. Local Communities are important to focus, since a focus factor of business/commerce, activities, improvements, is what focusing on a local community can improve. In a global fashion, a product is able to be marketed and delivered to almost anywhere on the planet, and providing a solution on the Internet is very key since it can do magic for communities around the world.

Custom Cloud

You need a Custom Cloud if you’re going to make your costs efficiently spent. Don’t know why, you need to find out.

To Get Your Domain, you need capital

Where do you get the capital from? You have to generate it yourself if you want to maintain control. OR, you can convince someone to do business with you and then they can fund your business, which you can then use for acquisitions, etc.

Latest Report indicates that Domain Registrations have slowed down, but now, it’s time to DEVELOP

Developing the hottest properties around can be a daunting process. But nowadays, if you observe, you will see more automated software that is allowing for websites to be created with rich frameworks and dynamic content, relative to the domain name.

Can the spider really interfere with pipes? Yes!

YES, absolutely. Since the spider can create a web that will block air trying to pass through, specifically gas, the gas cannot go through the chamber to burn and provide the flame in order to heat the water. The spider is the culprit and has costed pool cleaners 100-200 just to go in and clean it out. What a culprit, but that’s part of life.


These were home made enchiladas that were designed to be healthy, and yes, they taste healthy, not as rich and tasty as traditional enchiladas, but about 75%, since the tortilla was a sprouted tortilla, not traditional corn tortilla.


Drink HOT HOT COFFEE in the day and you will be wired. Especially with breakfast, when you have a hot cup of coffee, you can actually get the day started. Hot Coffee is good for digestive process where food gets easily pushed through with moisture in order to make it more flexible in the digestion process.

Pho tastes good

20140401-052314.jpg This is a PHO with EGG NOODLES, and a broth that is rich and tasty with lots of sea food. The seafood broth helps calm down the body and mind, and makes a person with a cold feel very comfortable. This is a one unique PHO that is hard to find.

Fresh Donuts

20140401-052203.jpg Yes, they are fried, but with a hot coffee cup in the morning, these fresh old fashion, buttermilk donuts are a great treat. Not to have everyday, but for that once-in-a-while situation, why not.



Making A Profit?


Efficiency operations?


Feeling Invincible?


Where is your next destination?

Planning on going somewhere? Have you made the arrangements or do you like to go unplanned?


What’s the reason why people enjoy going out for Happy Hour? Because, it’s an excuse to have a drink and chit chat.


Having difficulty breaking the ice?

Learn techniques to handle AA. You may be attracted to another person


Moringa Plants

How inspirational can this be. A high vitamin plant that is good for you. A plant that has high concentration of vitamins, gives you energy, and is healthy for you. There are things you wouldn’t know until someone told you.



Staying up to date with the evolving times

It is such that what you see today will expire and be obsolete. So keep in mind, never get attached. You will do better in life if you understand the philosophy of evolution and how competition will continue to Drive Change.

Inspiring You

What can you do in your life to Inspire Yourself? Have you considered situations to help Drive Change in your life so that you can make a difference. Add Value to Society. Add Value to the World. Add Value to You.

Automakers must block drivers from texting

Our government at work, what a sight to see. The U.S. Department of Transportation is talking about mandating that automakers block people from being able to text, tweet, GPS, or surf the web while the car is in motion.

Maybe I’m a little more tech savvy than most people, but this is not even possible. Sure if your phone was built into your car, but who does that anymore? Are we going to all suddenly go ok, sure we will throw away our cellphones and go back to car phones? I highly doubt it. So what’s left then? Put a device in the car that sends out a blocking signal to interrupt your cellphone signal. If this was done then what about the passengers. How about pair people’s cellphone with the car. Nope won’t work either. What if the driver is now the passenger, what about the rowdy kids in the back seat? So now they can’t be texting their friends and shut up…

I’m all for people NOT to be able to legally text and drive. It’s not only annoying, it’s very unsafe. It’s not even very safe to text and walk. So really what it’s going to come down to here is that the only way to stop it is for law enforcement to give people tickets for it.

Technology will not solve this problem. Everyone has different phones, different cars, and passengers.

I think talking on the phone even with a headset should be illegal! As soon as someone gets into a heated argument with their boyfriend, mom, or whoever.. they INSTANTLY become an unsafe driver.