Can the spider really interfere with pipes? Yes!






Pho tastes good


Fresh Donuts




Making A Profit?


Efficiency operations?


Feeling Invincible?


Where is your next destination?

Planning on going somewhere? Have you made the arrangements or do you like to go unplanned?


What’s the reason why people enjoy going out for Happy Hour? Because, it’s an excuse to have a drink and chit chat.


Having difficulty breaking the ice?

Learn techniques to handle AA. You may be attracted to another person


Moringa Plants

How inspirational can this be. A high vitamin plant that is good for you. A plant that has high concentration of vitamins, gives you energy, and is healthy for you. There are things you wouldn’t know until someone told you.



Staying up to date with the evolving times

It is such that what you see today will expire and be obsolete. So keep in mind, never get attached. You will do better in life if you understand the philosophy of evolution and how competition will continue to Drive Change.

Inspiring You

What can you do in your life to Inspire Yourself? Have you considered situations to help Drive Change in your life so that you can make a difference. Add Value to Society. Add Value to the World. Add Value to You.

Automakers must block drivers from texting

Our government at work, what a sight to see. The U.S. Department of Transportation is talking about mandating that automakers block people from being able to text, tweet, GPS, or surf the web while the car is in motion.

Maybe I’m a little more tech savvy than most people, but this is not even possible. Sure if your phone was built into your car, but who does that anymore? Are we going to all suddenly go ok, sure we will throw away our cellphones and go back to car phones? I highly doubt it. So what’s left then? Put a device in the car that sends out a blocking signal to interrupt your cellphone signal. If this was done then what about the passengers. How about pair people’s cellphone with the car. Nope won’t work either. What if the driver is now the passenger, what about the rowdy kids in the back seat? So now they can’t be texting their friends and shut up…

I’m all for people NOT to be able to legally text and drive. It’s not only annoying, it’s very unsafe. It’s not even very safe to text and walk. So really what it’s going to come down to here is that the only way to stop it is for law enforcement to give people tickets for it.

Technology will not solve this problem. Everyone has different phones, different cars, and passengers.

I think talking on the phone even with a headset should be illegal! As soon as someone gets into a heated argument with their boyfriend, mom, or whoever.. they INSTANTLY become an unsafe driver.

Stop hogging our bandwidth…

Can you hear me now?So if you, like me were lured into buying a laptop, phone, or tablet with the promise of getting unlimited data usage, you probably can understand the frustration of getting capped on an unlimited plan! AT&T, Verizon and other companies recently have started ‘throttling’ their unlimited plan customers from getting unlimited data. What does that mean? It means you are using too much, so although we are still going to give you unlimited data (as our contract states), we are going to make it go REAL slow for you.(They told us the speed we were getting)

I think this is going to turn into a class action lawsuit. They promised and defaulted, it’s not our fault we watched too many YouTube videos and your stupid system couldn’t handle it! All the while, you are making BILLIONS. F That!


Isn’t this false advertising? Once on my iPad (AT&T), my credit card had expired and they had long before stopped offering unlimited plans. You sign up for your data plan on the device, but it wasn’t offering it anymore. I had to spend like 2 hours to get them to let me have my ‘grandfathered’ unlimited plan back.

More recently, I discovered that of the 5 droid phones that are on my Verizon wireless plan, I was the only one WITHOUT unlimited data! But, I’m the one paying for all the lines and the phones! So I call up Verizon and explain this to them. They tell me ‘sorry, we don’t do unlimited any more, you will have to sign up for the metered plan 2gb for $30 (lowest plan)’. I was shocked, and continued to explain that I was the one paying for ALL THESE and I am the only one without it AND the other phones are $30 for unlimited and you want me to pay $30 for 2gb’s. They basically said ‘sorry sir, we can’t do anything about it’.

So I asked them, ok fine, I want to switch ONE of the unlimited grandfathered plans on MY account to MY phone instead. They said ‘sorry sir, we can’t do that either, the plan is connected to the number’. I was getting very livid at this point, again explaining it’s my freakin’ account.

So in order to circumvent their stupidity, I ended up planning to transfer my number to another carrier, and then transfer it back. Guess what happened? When the other carrier took the phone number off my Verizon account, they charged me a $330 fee for early termination.

In the end, I did get my unlimited data plan by transferring it back to Verizon, but having to force my assistant to lose her phone number! I’m also disputing the early termination fee. Ridiculous!

Message to the FCC: Make this stop!

Dad!!!!!!! Don’t shoot my laptop!

Maybe it’s just because I’m a dad too, but I can totally see where
this guy is coming from. I guess from a kid’s perspective,
it’s easy to see why they try and not to do chores or anything,
but as we all know, the reality in life is you have to do your

Recently, my daughter and I went to a store. I was done shopping
but she was no where to be found. So I was at the counter, yelled
out to her, “…come here”. I told the cashier, I bet that embarrassed
her. He says, I can announce over the loud speaker (if you want).

Hell ya! I want! (I said). You should have seen the look on my 14 y/o daughter. (Epic!.. come to the cashier)

Nothing compared to shooting her laptop, but definitely made me think.

Oh NO! you did not un-friend me.

It’s one thing to have someone tell you to your face, something like “go away.. I never liked you, we are not friends”. Sure you might be justified to punch that person (kidding), but now with all the Facebook and social networking stuff..

I’m going to kill you because you de-friended me. This is seriously a bad sign to think about the fact that our society is getting to the point that people are so completely, uh… out of touch?

It’s quite disconcerting, and seems to be a growing trend in this country. When was the last time you can remember hearing about some college kid shooting up a school in another country? Why is it only here in the USA?

Double murder over this? This is a very scary and REAL trend here. Why? What are we doing wrong?

I promise not to de-friend you.. er well not today?!

Who needs frickin’ ICE?

In the age of technology, I constantly think to myself.. damn if I only had these cool gadgets when I was a kid. I’m sure the world would have been completely destroyed by now though. I was definitely the kid melting the army men and stuff.

So, wow you have to check this out. A company in my home area has created a self chilling soda can. If this really is what it appears to be.. OMG. It will change a lot of things in our daily lives. No more lugging that cooler of beer to the beach. No longer will you need to have your thermos at work or school. Wow.

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