Oh NO! you did not un-friend me.

It’s one thing to have someone tell you to your face, something like “go away.. I never liked you, we are not friends”. Sure you might be justified to punch that person (kidding), but now with all the Facebook and social networking stuff..

I’m going to kill you because you de-friended me. This is seriously a bad sign to think about the fact that our society is getting to the point that people are so completely, uh… out of touch?

It’s quite disconcerting, and seems to be a growing trend in this country. When was the last time you can remember hearing about some college kid shooting up a school in another country? Why is it only here in the USA?

Double murder over this? This is a very scary and REAL trend here. Why? What are we doing wrong?

I promise not to de-friend you.. er well not today?!

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